Pop FanGirls was created by exactly that…Pop culture fangirls. Opinionated pop culture fangirls. Our opinions might clash with yours…and our opinions might clash with each other’s.  If we can deal with it and enjoy other people’s takes on things, so can you!

Here at Pop FanGirls, we will be sharing our opinions on on television, movies, music, and celebrities that interest us. Hopefully some of our interests will match up with yours, whether it’s speculation on who will blow the roof off next year’s Comic-Con or why Liam Hemsworth hasn’t kicked Miley Cyrus to the curb yet. Clearly, topics discussed here will be many and varied. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Shay’s Corner – Shay (@playergurl89)

V’s Words of Wisdom – Venita(@TheVFrye74)

Tania’s Blabber Bubble – Tania (@TaniaMarie20)

and Jessica (@JesscaWilliams) who just posts random things Inside the Cat’s Bag



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