The Vampire Diaries Orlando Con

Ian and Paul


Let me tell you I have never been to a Vampire Diaries convention so this was…. yeah I don’t know what to say but I’m sure I’ll figure it out if you read on. 

So first we walk in and the place is as I’m sure you guessed it would be, jammed packed. This I can handle, because I attend Comic Con and let me tell you that place is packed this had nothing on that. I was even okay with standing in line because I’ve braved that of H Hall at Comic Con so this line was petty to that one. What I couldn’t handle was how some of the mothers who were in attendance with their daughters, let them dress. This was a WOW thing for me. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the little girls and what they were wearing but I didn’t and I think if I posted them I would go to jail for being a pedifile or child porn so lets be thankful I didn’t get any.

I didn’t see any other acts because I only attended on Sunday for Ian and Paul, well.. sorry ladies but I only have love for the main men of TVD. I purchased a photo op with Ian. He does smell nice.. and is sex as all hell in person, the TV really doesn’t do him justice. I mean its like looking at a Greek God.. I shit you not! Yes I might have even shed a tear. Okay no might I did.

We skipped a few of the other people on Sunday not because we don’t like them, because we do but well we came to see Ian and Paul so we just waited around for them. Now mind you me and my sister are running on like 3 hours sleep at best here so we were a bit, lets say goofy at some points in the day. After a few cig breaks and lunch we headed in to see Ian and Paul the room was packed with as you expected all these little girls and some older horny ones. I say horny cause damn!

I’m good with the little girls screaming because thats what they do, I’ve seen all the Twilight’s in theater so I know. The part that killed me was when I seen grown ass women yelling, “Damon I love you! Stefan I love you!” Now mind you Paul and Ian didn’t really seem to care they would politely say I love you back and move on it just really irked me to no end and I almost a few times yelled his name is Ian or his name is Paul. However, I held my tongue and just dealt with it.

They got to the question part of the show and they had someone read the questions that were submitted I’m assuming early on in the day, the person who submitted the question stood up as the question was read their were some okay questions and some dumb ones but what really impressed me the most was that when a few girls stood, Ian remembered them from the photo shoots earlier in the day. That was very impressive on his part because you didn’t see the line he had it was crazy as hell and for him to remember these girls and the conversations they had was amazing.

Paul is very funny as is Ian, Ian has a bit of a potty mouth but I think I expected it from him, he looks the part to me no offense Ian. I can’t remember everything they said but I can tell you that they didn’t really answer any TVD questions, there was no spoiler alerts none of that. I think that was a disappointment to me if I was being honest. I mean it was a TVD thing right? Anyway, Paul and Ian have never done anything embarrassing on set. Ian hates the blooper reel they put out for fans, he says there is so much better stuff they could use but don’t. Paul I think forgot he once spit down Nina’s cheek, I think that might have embarrassed me or maybe it was just Nina who was effected.

Ian’s biggest pet peeve on set is when an actor is on his cell phone, Paul’s is chewing gum. Ian also recommends that everyone go back and watch an old movie or TV show to see what its really like with out all that HD stuff going on. I agree and disagree with that statement in some ways but that isn’t for me to discuss here. Ian and Paul as we all know are very close friends and share everything, even a naked picture of Ian from some HBO show years ago which I’m still looking for the clip for by the way, just saying.

Now for the biggest one that I saved for last, Ian and Paul do not want to do TVD much longer so we are talking a year MAYBE two more and they are done. There will not be a 200 episode party, if there is it will have been with out our two leading men. They don’t want to drag it on forever and I can understand that some shows just run out of mojo and keep going when they should have stopped years ago and the ratings drop and even loyal fans give up. Also to be honest no offense to Julie Plec but I don’t think she can keep it up, she isn’t keeping up now if you ask me. So there you have it ladies and gents, our boys are done in a few years at the most with TVD.

If you ever get a chance to attend a Creation Entertainment event, please do so. The process is very smooth. They are amazing in what they do. I was extremely impressed with it all! The link is below to see what shows they have going on and where. Oh and Nina is number one, per Ian. Till next time and I leave you with some pictures of the event.

Ian and Paul 2 Ian and Paul 3 Ian and Paul 4 Ian and Paul 5 Ian and Paul 6


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