American Hustle…Pre-screening Review

I have an amazing job. See I work for a company that sent me to be able to see American Hustle last night.

The movie comes out in theaters on Saturday, December 20. So a little pre-screen was nice to have as a Monday night treat.

So the movie, first off it begins with a HILARIOUS scene for Christian Bale’s character. I will not tell you what it is, just remember to not be taking a bite of popcorn or a drink of soda, it might fly out of your nose when you see it. The appearance of Bale’s character, Irving Rosenfeld, is a running joke in the movie. One look at this opening scene and you will certainly agree it is an easy target. Bradley Cooper is the hot guy in the movie, well as much as he can be with a ladies perm. Amy Adams plays the very convincing con-artist, Sydney Prosser, although the whole movie she is called Edith, I was a little confused on her real name but didn’t care either way. She does a magnificent job.

The supporting characters are exactly what the story line needs. While most movies allow only the mains to have an impact and dictation of the story line, this movie pulls them all in as if they were main’s just on a part-time schedule. Jennifer Lawrence handles the role beautifully. She manages to make even a ‘science oven’ explosion and fire someone else’s fault in a very technically and highly intelligent sounding way. She is a neurotic house wife who makes sure to keep her ¬†cheating con-artist of a husband close enough for him to almost seemingly be on an electric and invisible leash for her to pull when needed.

If there is a movie that looks like you would say, “I’ll wait till it goes to Red Box, NetFlix, OnDemand, or whatever medium you choose, make it another movie and go see this one. It has comedy, twists, a little romance but not enough to by far ever call it a ‘chick flik’ and besides guys you get to see a piece of Amy Adams ass. The clothes are very low-cut too without wearing a bra. True 70’s style. Ladies….well there ain’t much for us but Bradley Cooper if we can get over the perm.

So on Friday get your ass out and see American Hustle…then come on back and let me know what you thought about it.

P.S. Remember no soda or popcorn in the first 2 minutes.


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