The Big Bang Theory 7×09 The Thanksgiving Decoupling Review



I’m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory I watch every week and even record the episode’s I already seen on my DVR and watch it every night before I go to bed. I have seriously seen every episode at least 2 or 3 times some a whole lot more. So I decided that from now on I will do a review of each weeks episode.. not a rant like I do for Sons of Anarchy and many other shows because a rant is letting it out and bitching and there is no bitching when it comes to The Big Bang Theory. 

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This is exactly how the episode started and I was already in tears! There is something about the connection between Sheldon and Penny that makes me laugh every time. Oh and so you know growing up in Illinois you can tip a cow. Then after this Howard walks in and invites them to Thanksgiving dinner at his mothers. Also adding no you can’t tip a cow. Sheldon complains that he and Lenard have a tradition of him cooking and Sheldon complaining then is shot down as Penny and Lenard agree to go.

I’m seriously not going to be able to tell you in words how funny it was when Sheldon was pouting and compared himself to a slave or when Penny found out that the ‘Cheesy Wedding Chapel’ in Vegas was real so I’m going let you watch it all for yourself!

tumblr_mworxzNdUT1qdz44io1_250 tumblr_mworxzNdUT1qdz44io2_250 tumblr_mworxzNdUT1qdz44io3_250 tumblr_mworxzNdUT1qdz44io4_250


How can anyone NOT watch this show! I mean seriously! That scene alone had me about to pee myself! Then it only got better from there when they got to the house and Lenard decides he will help Penny get a divorce. So guess who showed up for dinner? Oh yeah the oh so lovely Zac! I actually always loved Zac and wanted him to stay around and be friends with the guys. I mean his stupidity is off the charts!

“I don’t think I wanna sign it?” 

“Why don’t you wanna sign it?” 

“I just think splitting up can be rough on the kids.” 

This is why he should be friends with the smart ones giving a balance of smart and stupid. However I don’t write for the show so I guess whatever, but it didn’t get better from that line.

Penny: “We don’t have any kids.” 

Zac: “You sure? Cause you didn’t know we were married till this morning.” 

tumblr_mwon6eqJOj1rn4qwao2_250 tumblr_mwon6eqJOj1rn4qwao3_250


Then Sheldon gets drunk with Bernadette’s dad, who begins to insult Howard. She comes in and demands they say their sorry. AS you can see above was Sheldon’s reaction until Amy comes over and makes him. Which he does and says he was drinking but then the best thing all episode happens.. please get ready for it because I have it in Gif form as well!

tumblr_mwnd7kbdI41qdz44io1_250 tumblr_mwnd7kbdI41qdz44io2_250 tumblr_mwnd7kbdI41qdz44io3_250 tumblr_mwnd7kbdI41qdz44io5_250


The look on her dad’s face when Sheldon smacks Amy on the ass was priceless but NOTHING beat the smile on Amy’s face when she walked away and I’m sure got those beers! Then they finally sit down to eat dinner that I forgot to mention Raj, Bernadette and Amy cooked. Well mostly Raj but either way.

tumblr_mwoop1BDSe1rn4qwao1_250 tumblr_mwoop1BDSe1rn4qwao2_250 tumblr_mwoop1BDSe1rn4qwao3_250 tumblr_mwoop1BDSe1rn4qwao4_250

Zac of course stays for diner and uses another one liner that killed but first.. Sheldon and the Dad.

Dad: “What do you say we go throw around the old pig skin?” 

Sheldon: “This is a Jewish house I don’t think they have any pig skin.” 

Howards Mom: “Did someone say pig skin?” 

As Penny and Lenard make up and say they are sorry Zac says…

“Don’t be it was my fault, I was a terrible husband… I was never around.” 

Then the show ends with Sheldon walking back in to say..

“I just vomited on a lot of clowns”  Then gives his famous Sheldon laugh.

That laugh ended the whole episode which was brilliant in my opinion the whole episode was perfect and funny and the first time they ever showed them have a Thanksgiving Dinner they have spoken of it but never actually had one so it was fun for me and the whole episode made me laugh. One of the best so far this season please check it out! So until next week nerds!

All the gifs came from tumblr and credit goes to as follows:


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