Sons of Anarchy “Huang Wu” 6×10 My rant!



That.. is oh so lovely.. 

I wont be doing any rant for this episode.. you know why? Because I like all of you and I don’t want you to all try to eat me alive and then have to curse you.. so I shall only leave you with a rap up and not go into details.

Charlie’s ass is heaven.. Tig’s boxers killed me… What was with Chibs looking at Colette that way in the end? Galen as I said IS not going down easy here. Clay did something good finally! Tara as much as you all wanna say I know why she did what she did.. pissed me off in the end of the episode so this is why I will not get into a huge rant for this episode. SHE was going to rat on Jax and the club in the end so that gets NO remorse from me! And the best part of the episode is…



Till next week bitches! #TeamGemma (Yep I said it!)


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