Sons of Anarchy 6×09 ‘John 8:32’


The episode opens with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) shirtless thats always a good start for me! The whole episode had me speechless as I watched and I shall tell you why now… 

The episode then goes to Gemma and Nero as she tells him what Tara did to her, he tells her what I already said she needs more then a word of a Junkie to get Jax to believe her. Then Jax tries to tell Tara club shit and she don’t wanna hear it, well no wonder she has been making a case on how dangerous he is for the court. Now let me tell you something, she says “I’m not a rat.” Did she not say that? Well I believe that as you sit back and tell the lawyer all this dangerous stuff that Jax has done for her to present to a judge is well.. a rat. A rat is a rat if you tell his shit to a lawyer and a judge even if it is to keep him away from the boys an court of law can spin it and there you go you just ratted out your husband and baby daddy.

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This was sorta sad for me not because I’m a Jax and Tara fan, I like them well enough before all this BUT because I don’t like seeing Jax hurt or sad. it makes me sad. I’m very happy he finally started to see it for himself now that she hasn’t been saying it back to him like at ALL. Speaking of HAPPY he was back this week ladies! I swear if he keeps that toothpick in his mouth.. I don’t know what I’ll do! I mean GOD DAMN!


Lets all pause for the cause to watch the head nod and the toothpick shall we?


I know there is a purpose for the girl and all this but it seemed so out of place in this episode. I wasn’t really attached to it with everything else that was going on in the episode with people I actually cared about. This was my WTF why do I care moment in the show. I also am aware that she is back in the finale but I still just don’t care that much for her as of right now. She is a fucked up kid who’s mommy died in the pile up with John… okay thanks for that info I need it why? I’m aware how to write a TV script as well since I do write them myself I get the A story, the B story crap.. this just didn’t seem like a good on at the moment for me. I’m sure Kurt will prove me wrong later on but for right now I’m gonna have to say it wasn’t the best timing.

I’m not a lawyer but as soon as I found out that Tara had false documents in my case I would be off that case. I mean you spend a shit load of time and money to attend law school to let some doctor take you down? Yeah ain’t happening here baby cakes. Which is why Lowen got her ass handed to her later on in the episode by Jax, who I hope knew that she hurried and called Tara and told her. How the hell did Tara make all these people her bitch? I’m mean SERIOUSLY! I’m gonna have to insert here my own shit #TeamWendy

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What the hell was that? I mean I know why but shit! I was laughing so hard I swear I was gonna piss my pants, (Oh please don’t act like you guys don’t know me by now!) I went from laughing to a oh you nasty! All in like two seconds! Ron Perlman killed this scene and reminded me why I love him so much. Now I’m very interested to see how this all plays out with his escape and the Irish. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat here waiting for it. I do actually like Clay, I always have so I don’t want him dead. I want him to redeem himself so I can watch Happy put his tattoo’s back on. (Hush you all know I’m  Happy fan and any chance to see him is good for me!)

I got to see the eye sex between Colette and Jax again, I’m satisfied with that but I know she is in next weeks episode as well so bring her on. I like Jax and Colette sue me! I think Jax has bit off more than he can chew with this deal with DA. I’m pretty sure its gonna bite him in and the club in the ass but we’ll see there is four episodes left so its gotta be about something right? I don’t see Galen as an easy take down here ladies and Gents.

I’m happy that Gemma and Nero go through to Jax and showed him what people are doing for him and they deserve respect for it. I do however think that Tara should get some REAL punishment for what she is doing to Jax, Gemma and what she did to Nero who only wanted to help. It seems to me and its just me that she wants Jax to think he can trust no one which would be why she called and lied and told Jax, Nero said things he didn’t say. She needs Jax to have no one when what she had planned all falls so she pulled him from his Mother and now Nero who only wanted to help her.

The fight between Jax and Nero was so hot! Although I was left with who do I want to win this? I love Jax, I love Nero so who do I pick? So I went with the ‘beat the shit out of each other’ thought, hey it was sexy to watch them go out it, call me nuts I don’t mind. Then the look on Jax’s face when Gemma told him, he didn’t want to believe it but he did and that was hurtful for him and me. I wanted him to find out but once he did I felt so bad I wanted to hug him but well since he is fictional I can’t but if I see Charlie I will hug him just so I can make myself feel better… or maybe I just wanna feel him up either way I will feel better.


When Jax walked out of the darkness with the gun, I think… now I think I might have blacked out from all the hotness that was in my face! Then I woke up to this…


I jumped up and yelled, “Kelly Clarkson!” (Sorry.. Supernatural reference) Who didn’t laugh at that face she made? If you say you didn’t your lying that shit was funny as hell! He skerd the shit out of her! Then it got sad again from there when Unser told him he promised no one gets hurt. The look on Jax’s face was like too late I already am. Damn that Tara, I still can’t wait to see what happens next week with Jax and Tara and the whole gun scene that we all know is coming. However, I’m glad that Jax knows, I’m glad that Kurt didn’t over play it out on him finding out, I’m glad Tara didn’t run like a little bitch.

I loved that Gemma was back and in action, the way she played that doctor, (Who cares what her name is.) was in true Gemma form and I loved every minute of it. I’m wondering if Gemma will let Jax handle this or will she stick her nose in and make it worse. I’m thinking she will stick her nose in and make it worse because that is what Gemma does for her son and anyone she loves. Its what makes her who she is.

The story that Gemma told Nero was the truth for all you haters out there saying she is lying, Kurt confirmed it in an interview with EW, which you can find a link to here on the site. This scene was important to me as a Gemma fan to see her be honest with someone for pretty much the first time in like ever. She has done this more than once with Nero, only showing me that Nero is the one she really loves and he loves her. I just hope he can get past what she told him. I think he can because as she said its code that they both live and die by.

When the ending started I was a little upset I didn’t get to see the outcome of Jax and Tara in that episode, but I lived with it. I wasn’t sure what to think of Tara with the gun on her lap as she rocked Abel. I had so many thoughts in my head! Is she going shoot Jax? IS she gonna use Thomas as a shield? Is she gonna threaten Jax? What the hell does she have the gun for? Well I guess I will find out next week with the rest of you fools!

One last scene I forgot… and it means a lot to me for a quick rant.


If its not the life, why you trying so hard to get out? I hope and pray to the SOA gods that Gemma beats her ass..

Now my wrap up for you! Clay made me almost piss, Jax made me almost cry, Unser made me proud for finally doing the right thing and helping Jax see the truth. Gemma was Gemma again and showed us she does truly love Nero. Tara pissed me off so bad I wanted to cut her. There wasn’t enough Chibs, Juice or Tig. And for one more look cause I’m happy he’s back..


Till next week bitches!


(All gifs come from Tumblr accounts as follows.)


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