Kurt Sutter EW interview ‘Sons or Anarchy’



Will we be surprised by what Jax does next?

Obviously the betrayal is a deep one, but it’s also a different kind of betrayal for Jax. It’s not like the betrayal of an enemy or a betrayal of a brother. How does he respond to the betrayal of the woman he loves and the mother of his child? I think the way Jax deals with that is really that he doesn’t deal with it, in typical guy fashion. I don’t think he can process it. It’s almost like he has to step away and figure it all out. I think that’s what he ultimately does, which to a certain extent is almost worse for Tara because it just extends that sense of, ‘What the f—’s gonna happen?’ I think ultimately by the end of episode 10, Tara has a plan. That’s what I’ll say.

For the rest of the interview go to the following link and read what Mr. Sutter had to say.



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