CHRISTIAN GREY…maybe it will be Jamie Dornan.

Jamie Dornan is HOT!

Jamie Dornan is HOT!

So there are unconfirmed reports that say Jamie Dornan is going to be Christian Grey.

I, for one, have NEVER seen anything he has acted in and had no clue who he even was.

From what I have read he is from Ireland and most recently in Once Upon A Time…

previously as you can see above a model. Now I have been reading on other sites reporting this comments of:


“He’s ugly!”

“He’s to skinny”

So to address, in my opinion, these three opinions of some people.

1. really that is mature are you a 2 year old?

2. HELLO MODEL! He might not be your cup of tea but he sure is someone elses bowl of Cheerios

3. ummmm it’s called a gym and a high protein diet.

I for one think if Jamie Dornan is truly going to be Christian Grey then he had better not be fast to get his linen pants wrinkled by a bad situation, keep the grey tie at the ready and most of all be ready for the possibility of that NC-17 rating on the silver screen cause I will be watching.



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