Sons of Anarchy “Sweet and Vaded” My Rant



The best part of my evening was the damn table! “Home is where the reaper is.” The rest of the night was like really? awwww thats sweet.. and DUDE! Then a WTF! Also adding on your bitch here and there.. it was an eventful evening so lets get to it shall we? 

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After the table warmed my SOA heart this scene with Ratboy was a good one. I’m glad they finally patched him in. I felt so bad for him when he thought he was out, his face was so hurt but in the end it was a good pay off. You know I went back to watch again and again, because I needed to grasp what I was seeing and the doctor helping Tara, Wendy helping Tara, Unser helping but unsure of what he is helping with is too many people involved in Tara’s crap. I think that was her downfall or will be her downfall in the end. However, time will tell and I will get back to Tara later on let me get to something that is weird, creepy and some how I think I like it and don’t know why!




I know Tig is really screwed in the head and its a bit creepy sometimes but I’m so into this. Why? Who the hell knows but I am. I also like that the guys helped Venus, even if I was doing a WTF the whole time it had meaning and it showed that they are bikers with a heart when its all said and done. They went above the call of what Nero wanted and took care of it when he couldn’t.

I don’t have a gif for Nero, but I really just don’t think he will sell out the club on the guns. I know people are saying that when Jax  ditches Gemma and pushes her away because of Tara that Nero will rat them out for Gemma. I don’t believe this, I believe that he will have something else to say on who the guns came from I’m not sure who they will name but it wont be Jax I’m sure of that. Nero is an old school gangster he will not rat no matter what happens between his girlfriend and her son. Unless he finds a way to name Tara in some sort of freaked up way it wont be Jax.

The new members are pretty cool if you ask me, its nice to see the table is full again. However, Jax is looking for money? A business? How about selling Ice Cream, candy? You know you did just rent an ice cream and candy shop. Then it goes to the end when Chucky was standing there smiling I think maybe that will be what they do.

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I really am waiting to see how Jax saves Tig’s ass, I don’t think Tig will die in this season but then again I could be wrong because Kurt is a little sick in the head. Sorry but we all know he is a tad messed up. I’m sure everyone has their own thoughts on who will die before this season ends, right? Well mine are Juice, Tara and Wendy. I think Tig and Happy will be the last men standing when the show ends and have custody of Abel and Thomas. That would be nice.

Alright let me get to Jax and the end scene before he was with Tara I want to do that last because I got a lot to say about Tara. I think in the moment as Jax listened to Venus crazy ass mom he thought of himself and his own sons and how he had began to turn into Clay little by little. Yes Jax is fixing that and trying to be what he believed John was but it still hurt a little to hear it.

Although, even if I felt bad for Jax and Venus in that moment, when jax pulled up his gun and blew her head off. I was like this!

tumblr_inline_mv326uS48V1qcd8r2 tumblr_inline_mv3272pCml1qcd8r2


Now I shall get to the end of this story where I can bitch and rant and call names! I told you guys she wasn’t pregnant! I told YOU! None of you listened, I told you she was working an angle however I sure as hell didn’t see it as this. Also for all of you out there saying Tara killed her baby are stupid. Yep I said it stupid.. like helmet stupid. She didn’t kill her baby her ass was NEVER pregnant! Did you guys NOT see the blood bag she rammed in her crotch? Did you not see her filling the blood bag in the beginning? You all do realize she is a doctor at THAT hospital and has people helping her pull this off? Why do you think they wouldn’t let Jax stay in the end? Then again maybe Kurt will make it that way in the end, I don’t know I can’t see her killing a kid when she is trying so hard to save Thomas and Abel.

You wanna hear my bitch now? Get ready for it.. don’t read if you don’t wanna hear what I got to say cause its about to get BAD in here. I will try to meditate some as I do this but it wont work I’m sure. This was all so uncalled for and I hope in the end that Tara gets her ass ripped a new one or dead. Yep I said it dead. Unser BETTER tell on her ass. Gemma is his friend and Jax has done a lot for him as well letting all this happen is bullshit and he will figure it all out I’m sure and from the promo he does. Wendy is cracking and I hope she also tells on Tara because I am a Wendy fan thats why so that is personal! Sorry folks I have been a Wendy fan since day one, even if Tara and Jax have this back story. I’m team Wendy. You know who else I’m team of? Gemma! Yes I am and always have been team Gemma from day one, I’m pissed at Jax for believing Tara over his mom when Gemma has always done as Jax asked and everything she has done for him and her grandsons. She would NEVER kick Tara in the stomach and kill her grandchild and Jax should see though that and he wont I’m sure and that pisses me off about him.

Tara, doing what she did was frucked up on some many levels and she took it way to far in my opinion. I was so pissed last night beyond belief. I have never in my life been so pissed at a TV show character and that’s saying a lot because DAMN! I sat in like a blank stare as I watched it all play out and kept think well done Mr. Sutter, well done. If you can get me cursing and calling Tara every name known to man you did a damn good job there buddy. I even said this once or twice.



I wanna beat her myself, because as a Jax fan it really was pretty shitty to do to my baby. Even the “We lost our little girl.” DUDE I swear if I could reach through the TV and pull her out I would have! I really don’t know what else to say here with out cursing and wanting to beat her. So I will just end it with a fuck you Tara and have a nice day.


Lets wrap this up now, so here we go with my run down. I think Gemma will work Tara’s ass when this is over with. The table is back bitches! Juice and Happy were not on enough for me since we all know I’m a big Happy and Juice fan. Although I would like to see Happy driving an Ice cream truck ringing a bell… Tara needs to die! Please? Wendy needs to claim her fucking family back! Unser better tell on the bitch. Nero wont rat and now that I think of it would you really want candy served to you by a man with no hands who is known for jacking off?


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