Teen Wolf – Season 3 – Ian Bohen Interview

Ian Bohen aka Peter Hale talks “Teen Wolf” and gives a little scoop

myFanbase: It seems to me that if the “You? – Me!” scene would have played out a little longer we might have witnessed a brilliant sass-off. Is there any kind of follow-up on the horizon?

Ian Bohen: In the episode that we’re currently shooting, you’re going to see a whole lot more Peter/Lydia.

myFanbase: In the flashback episode in 3A the way Peter told Derek’s story it felt more like he was telling his own story. Was that a deliberate thing?

Ian Bohen: Peter is always certain. He tells you versions of things to affect an outcome that’s ultimately best for him. He’s working the long game and I don’t think we’ll see the goal until much farther down the line.


See full article here : http://www.myfanbase.de/teen-wolf/interviews/?pid=17488


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