Sons of Anarchy ‘Salvage’ My review


See that? Its for Kurt because last night was one of the best episode’s I seen in a long time. I kept waiting for a shoe to drop and bite me in the ass and it didn’t! However it had me on the edge of my seat in tears and in laughter. So here is what really had me all night long. 

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I spit my kool aid on myself when Tig said Smokey and the Bandit. Yes I was drinking kool aid you got a problem with that? This was only the beginning of my laughter as the night went on. However the best laugh scene I shall show you at the end in video form. I was wondering was that the cop that fucked (if you can’t handle my language by now your on the wrong website so you know) with Gemma on the Clay ‘visit’? I thought it was but I could be wrong. All the damn cops on here look alike to me.

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I’m so happy to see Juice back or some say he’s not back he’s wreckless and don’t care again. I beg to differ. He needed to prove himself and be Juice again and thats what he did last night. I’m scared he might die soon but none the less I was cheering him on and loving every minute of this scene. It made me think of the old days with the boys, (well not old days because well its only been 6 season’s but you guys get it so hush) either way one of my favorite scenes last night.

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Its no shock to anyone that I am a BIG Gemma fan and Katey, so this was my favorite scene from her in a long time it was also nice to see this side of Gemma again. The one that is protective and not letting anyone stop her from getting what she wants. I also can’t wait for next week to see the bitch fight with her and Tara. I’m of course rooting for my girl Gemma, which would be a more likely win in a fight but who knows what Kurt has going on. And again I say she isn’t pregnant she is faking to throw Jax off and save her own ass if it all goes to shit but I’m sure Sutter will prove me wrong on that one.

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I cried here like a two year old little girl who got lollipop taking. I have always loved Bobby, I was a little worried he was ditching the club for a while, then I thought he was setting up some casino’s.. then I thought he was ditching again this had me on the edge of my seat as well since episode one as to what Bobby was really doing now I know and I feel so much better about myself and Bobby. I feel like saying ‘The gangs all here’ (you know the line from Grease when.. you know what forget it.)

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This for some odd reason made me cry. However I have to admit that in the beginning I seriously thought that Nero was tapping that. If you follow me on twitter you know I thought that, then I was like good god thank you! After I heard the story. Gemma again proving why I love her so much the mothering type she has in her for the most part. I’m also wondering if ‘vincent’ (was that his name?) will be back for more episode’s?

Let get this part out before I forget with so much running through my head, the DA.. did that bitch pull off her wig and say time to get hood? Or whatever the hell she said? I did a sort of head tilt and thought really? Then I said “Really?” because has she not seen what she is dealing with here? I think your shit you got going on with a fake set up and shit is what you should be worried about right now. Which I’m sure will bite her in the ass later. Actually here is the discussion on tumblr I had with a few people.


The first cry of my evening went to this.. because well it was the table scene and we all know how I felt about that table being taken out. Damn them Irish.. I’ll never be able to put Irish creme in my coffee again now!

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However the gavel being in tact made me feel a little better and showed me that it was all gonna be okay. I’m also really loving the bromance that Chibs an Jax have. Its working for me, even if I didn’t think I could get that after Opie died. So thank you Sutter for that one as well. Jax’s speech as he sat at the table to everyone was very heartbreaking as well. I seen the real Jax coming back to us all with every word he spoke. I also wanna add to the haters to please.. PLEASE shut up my god! I know there are Tara fans out there I do like Tara myself she isn’t my favorite but I do like her. However this show has been about Jax not Tara, yes she is part of HIS story but to hate him because you all claim a cheater, is bullshit. Yep I call it bullshit and your watching the wrong show as I have said before if he didn’t cheat I would be worried its WHO he is its in his character to do so from time to time and again can we remember what kind of show we are watching? Thank you 10-4.

I think, now I’m just thinking this don’t blow shit up, that Unser is setting Tara up and will tell Gemma or Jax in the end. This could be really bad for Tara if she ain’t pregnant. The night was pretty good for some one liners if you ask me.


Even to Gemma telling the cop to bite me. It was a fun night I really did laugh and cry all night. I’m beginning to hate the idea of next season being the last season. I will miss all my boys when my Tuesday’s are empty and I gotta nothing to do.

Let me get to my two best SCENES of the night shall we before I lose track and start cursing people for messing with my Jax.

First off Jax was hot as hell when he elbowed the guy in the face and then to say “do you think I’m kidding” was priceless and if you look behind him you can see Happy with that I’m killing you in my head look that I do love so much. I’m wondering David actually has that look in real life when he is pissed?

And the best scene of the night, not because it was Jax and Happy my two favs together but because it was the look they gave each other at the end.

So my final thoughts…

Jax is back and I love it. The club is back and I love it. My hotness of the night goes to Jax. The OMFG moment went to the DA with the wig coming off, next time pull the finger nails off and make it more dramatic! Juice is a god again as is Theo. Happy made me happy.. (Pun intended) David too is pretty fucking sexy in my book. Chibs and Jax bromance rocks. Gemma is my queen. I also give a huge thanks to Kurt Sutter for giving us back what we had lost. You rock!


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