Glee 5×03 Fan Review

So, I decided to review Glee from last night. Because that episode was seriously my favorite of the entire series. The emotion in the episode was so well done that I cried from Season’s Of Love until Mr. Shue was hugging Finn’s jacket and crying himself. Every moment was touched on. Anger. Sadness. Disbelief. Longing to go back and make things right. Friends. Love. Family. All of it was touched and thinking of that episode makes my eyes water at this moment. It was even more potent for me because of the sheer fact that none of the cast was acting. Not a single one of them.

The start with Seasons of Love with the original cast coming out first and singing and then the newer cast coming out was brilliant because as soon as they showed the picture of Finn my heart literally tore in two and I was crying so hard I needed a kleenex.

I loved Kurt starting off telling us that the funeral and Finn’s death was three weeks prior. So the pain was fresh, but, not so fresh that you didn’t have to deal with the funeral. Because of the real life loss, I was glad that Ryan didn’t make the cast suffer through a fake funeral. It was enough they’d have to grieve for Finn/Cory as was in front of a camera.
“Everyone wants to talk about how he died. But, who cares? That was one moment in his whole life. I cared more about how he lived.” What a powerful statement. Especially because of how all anyone could talk about was how Cory died instead of how he lived. So, it was very close to home.

Mercedes singing I’ll Stand By You, a song Finn covered himself was amazing. Amber Riley’s heartbreak was apparent the entire time she sang and it brought even more tears to my face.

The music choices in this episode was perfection. I also love that music didn’t overpower this episode. It was a perfect balance. I’d also love to say that I love that so much focus was on the old cast. And not the new. Because it should’ve been on them. They are the ones who really knew Finn.

I hated the lack of Rachel and most of the focus on Santana but I totally understand about Rachel. I do not, however, understand so much focus on Santana even though I adored her song to Finn, and her scream as she ran out of the room, and even Kurt helping her and giving her the jacket.

But I honestly wanted to see more focus on Finn’s family. Although, with that thought, I LOVED the scene between Kurt’s dad, Kurt and Finn’s mom. That scene was the best of the entire episode and I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. The speech about being a parent even when you don’t have a child anymore was gut wrenching and the acting from those three actors was the best I’ve seen in a long time on any episode about grief ever. Just perfect.

Kurt with the jacket. Ugh. Don’t get me started on that one. Heartbreaking.

The memorial in the hallway was so sweet.

Santana and Sue’s fight was the anger in the episode and I loved it. Especially because I don’t think Santana was ever talking about Sue. She was talking about herself.

Tina was just stupid. And if I was the actress who played Tina I’d be pissed that out of everything that you could get my character I was given that. It was just horrible. And it honestly made me hate the character of Tina even more.

Mr. Shue avoiding his pain and grief was very well done. All the way till the end with the stolen jacket and him crying.
Writing about this episode seriously depresses me. So, I think I’m gonna end it now with this. Rachel’s song is my favorite Glee song ever done. I think I’ve watched at least a hundred and fifty times since it premiered. Rachel grabbing at the necklace was heartbreaking. Puck’s pain and him feeling lost after losing Finn was the best. And I know I use a lot of the same words but I honestly can’t think of anything else to say about this episode.

I leave you with the following words : Heart wrenching, heartbreaking, and fantastic actors. That’s all I leave you with. I also leave you with.. watch it.

Watch that video, and I guarantee it’ll give you the actual feel of the entire episode. The heart break, the pain, the rawness. Lea Michele lost her real life husband-to-be, and it shows deeply in this video.


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