Sons of Anarchy ‘The Mad King’ My.. I don’t know what it is!



Do you guys really wanna hear what I got to say today? I’m sure you do or you wouldn’t be here. I will tell you I watched the episode 4 times last night, yep you heard me right 4 times! I’m also downloading it as we speak so I can cut it up as many of you know I keep Happy and Jax clips in a separate folder.. Hey! Don’t judge me! 

I’m not going to go in order of the episode I’m going to go by what I wanna say in my way, so deal or don’t its up to you. First I wanna say I’m now and always have been a big fan of Wendy’s, yeah she started out as a junk whore as Gemma has called her a time or two in season 1 and not only is Tara playing, Jax, Gemma she is also playing Wendy. Yep I get she was taught by Gemma and yeah I know all your Tara fans will rip me apart but seriously? Can she DIE already? Please.. or just go away and leave the boys? Again I’m ready to get eaten alive by Jara Fans! I’m not sure how it happened but shippers found a way to come into a show like Sons of Anarchy. Yeah I like Gemma and Nero, I loved Opie and Lyla but I could have done with out them and I can do with out Nero and Gemma, cause its not a show I see built around couples I think if you feel that way about SOA you might get your heart broken in the end but who really knows with Sutter and his writing team.




I read on tumblr the other day were someone said, “It took me 5 seasons to figure out fucking sexy Chibs was!” Well thats me too! Every episode he gets sexier and sexier to me. I’m happy he finally called Jax on all his shit although a little to late but at least he did it. I’m also still basking in the fact that in  the end of the episode he refused to leave Jax and Abel inside alone. So despite all that Jax did Chibs still stood and waited on him before he left on his own.



Did they throw Ratboy in on the second episode of season 6? Or was he always there? I’m not sure I remember him, no I’m sure I don’t. However he is fitting in nicely, I wouldn’t say he was eye candy, hence why they call him Rat but still he’s fun and a nice added addition.


The best gif I seen all week, the look in his eyes and the toothpick was hot as hell. I think I like this look better than a charlie ass shot… yeah no I don’t! Anyway I already told you guys I’m digging Jax and the madam so no reason to explain that I loved the moment when he stuck up for her or when she walked away holding his hand and letting it go. I wanna see the story here badly with them. Which kinda cancels out my whole ships in SOA but who cares I didn’t ask for a ship war I just wanna see more of her and Jax.


This? I was really glad I didn’t have to watch it go down! I mean I covered my eyes and everything when Gemma was standing in front of Clay and his shirt went down, so I thank you Sutter for the visual not being needed. I felt so bad for Gemma, it was like being raped all over again is my feelings as they two frucked in the head cops wanted to wack their shit to it. It did add a nice twist though because for some reason I feel like Gemma just got played by Clay….
Okay I can’t find a god damn gif with Happy pulling the Irishman out of the car or when he pistol whipped his ass and I tried to make one but I suck ass at making them. I can make you a banner, a video but a gif ain’t happening. Anyway that was my hottie of the day, from his car sleeping in the beginning to the van scene it was all extra nice for me! But I’m a Happy fan and feel he should get a lot more air time than he does, but I also know David does other shit so it could be why he doesn’t show on screen as much. Who knows but I would really like to see more of him.

Should I just get to what you all want to read about? Or do you feel as if I’m stalling? I’m stalling cause I really don’t have any words for it. I didn’t see it coming, I was shocked I actually sat up on my bed and yelled holy shit! Also a few more choice words one was also, like ‘Run Jax Run’ I think it hurt knowing there would be no clubhouse next episode. For 5 season’s I looked forward to the table of my men all sitting around, Jax, Happy, Chibs, Tig, Juice..not a fan of Clay but Opie when he was alive and now its like no clubhouse no table, even the table is blown up! No gavel.. okay you can buy a new one but no TABLE! So I think that part hurt me a little.

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They aren’t in order but you can see how Chibs doesn’t leave Jax and Abel alone, you can also see Tara with Thomas and Tig, who I’m sure is like yeah I got something else on Jax to use against him now! I’m not sure of the twins that play Abel but that kid didn’t cry one time while he was being held right before an explosion. I’m not sure if that was even a real kid that Charlie is holding as it explodes or not but either way what a good kid! I needed mine to be so well behaved as they that kid is!

I can’t wait to see next episode I did get to see a sneak into it and they did all look as though they were trying to take care of some business. I will not tell you what I seen so I don’t spoil it for others. Anyway my run down for this episode was. Tara is a bitch, but Maggie is really good at it. Chibs is actually some nice man candy who knew? Happy is smexy with a gun.. and sleeping! I think Clay just set up Gemma so he could get laid and fuck with Jax, Nero and Gemma. Wendy is gonna cave watch and see she will tell Gemma, I’m thinking that Unser is setting up Tara cause I can’t for the life of me see Unser fucking over Gemma but he might. And the big one the whole clubhouse is gone? I’m still can’t get over that one, maybe the table was fire retardant?


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