Sons of Anarchy “Wolfsangel” Review




This shocked the hell out of me! I was like WTF! Although happy that Tig wasn’t dead still a bit shocked but then later on got why he was still alive. I can say Jax had some big balls even opening the door for Tig when he should have been dead! He could have been there to off his ass, he could have been a Tigombie! You never know! However, thank you Kurt for not killing off Tig yet, Kim is very much a wanted actor and Tig a loved Character despite his flaws with this fangirl. Now I wasn’t too shocked that the dumb ass set up Jax to see if he was loyal, glad that Jax passed that test even if it could have meant the death of Tig.

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First off any episode that starts with me getting to look at this? Is a good day for me! I mean really! Who doesn’t love seeing Jax Teller shirtless or Charlie for that matter! Anyway let me get to the rest of the show now. Poor Unser! Its like man this guy gets his ass kicked more than anyone and he ain’t even part of the club! Although I still say there was a reason they picked Unser to go at for a such a small group of skin heads trying to set up a base. I either think Tara sent them in to show more danger to the boys, or Unser and Tara sent them in to show more danger for the boys which is why Unser mentioned them. I still need more info on this to be sure.

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This was priceless.. although Tara may have grown as the season’s go by I don’t think she can take on Gemma, one on one. I do think that the gun that Gemma gave Wendy last episode will bite Gemma in the ass later on and be used against her in the court of law. However, as you all already know I’m Team Gemma and to hell with all other old ladies including Tara.

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This made me laugh so hard, fuck if I know why but it did! I was like WTF is he doing? Is this is Harley in his eyes? And WTF is on his eyes? I’m sorry I just really wanted to show this scene! Nero is love for me! I love Nero, I love Nero and Gemma.. I just LOVE Nero, I’m glad that Eli seen through the shit and knows that Nero didn’t do this. Lets hope it stays that way but sadly I don’t think it will.

I was a little confused on why Tig let the skin head just go off the back of the truck and not kill him, but it didn’t really matter later on did it? But this! THIS made my night!

tumblr_mu15xzxSgY1rx6tfio1_250 tumblr_mu15xzxSgY1rx6tfio2_250 tumblr_mu15xzxSgY1rx6tfio3_250

Juice speak! FInally! He seems to be coming around again and I’m so happy I missed him! Juice is one of my favorites as well. I got why he got his ass kicked by Chibs, I just really like Theo and his character.

When Jax gets all bad ass I melt like really! I sink down and smile the whole time. I’m a sucker for a bad boy and a man with a gun. Yes I already said I need rehab so hush people. Which brings me to my other favorite Happy, lord have mercy this man is bat ass crazy but fuck me is he sexy and just the way he looks at someone is like I think he just mentally killed you! All night I felt like Happy was killing bitches in his head.

I wont use a gif for the killing cause I just wont, but I’m sorry to see Phil go, but as I said on Twitter last night rude or not I’m just glad it wasn’t Tig. Sorry.. folks but I am. When I seen the hands on the cuts I did however, do one of those OMG moments and my hand went straight to cover my mouth, because I didn’t see that coming, although I should have since Jax said hands off my club. Funny I wont show that killing but I will show you this one..

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Finally saggy ass is GONE. I also like that Otto was the one who got to do it. After all that he did to Otto, he deserved to be the one to take his ass out. However, I didn’t see Otto dying! I really just didn’t think Sutter would kill off his own character. You should have seen me and Shay in Skype last night when this went down it was really funny! Oh hell I’ll show you!

Venita: Otto is in the doctor thing
Venita: Toric came in
Shay: infirmary?
Venita: He said I know how much pain I caused you
Venita: Do you want it too stop?
Venita: Otto shook his head he told him Clay betrayed the club and thats why he is there The pain he caused
Venita: he wants him to rat out Clay
Venita: said that clay isn’t a member of the MC so he isn’t ratting out an MC
Venita: He handed him a pen and paper to write something bad about clay on
Venita: he let Otto’s hands go
Venita: he gave him is glasses to write
Venita: Otto is writing
Shay: Fuck you?
Venita: Toric looks all weird and shit
Venita: and all I see is SAGGY ASS
Venita: the paper says….. HOLD ON
Venita: they didn’t show me
Venita: show
Venita: IT SAYS
Venita: Your sister bleed something
Venita: he is choking Otto
Shay: Dude for a sec I thought he WROTE Saggy Ass and I almost spit out my water
Venita Frye: OTTO killed saggy ass!
Shay: Well!
Venita: with the knife Clay gave him!
Venita: Oh Otto didn’t write saggy ass! lol
Venita: Jax is talking with Tig and Clay
Venita: and said they found the bodies I guess I was laughing to hard
Shay: what bodies?
Venita: He slit Toric’s neck just now and they shot Otto to DEATH!
Shay: oh yeah nvm
Shay: WOW

I also hope that Toric never got a chance to send in the men to show Clay a good time in the morning, that would be awful for Clay. (Yep I said show him a good time!)

That was our discussion, because SOA airs here first I did a complete play by play for Shay last night in Skype. As you can see, now for what I need rehab for..

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I mean it was like they ride up get off their bikes in a line up and just start firing, no speaking.. no waves.. not even a fuck you, just bang bang shoot em up! I was so turned on! I think for the most part in this scene Jax was sexy as hell, Happy was all kinds of sexy, Tig was eh.. but CHIBS! CHIBS! Wins I wanna lick you award for one handing that gun an killing bitches.

I’m thinking that since they stashed the guns here that the school shooting and the kid with the gun will fall back on the skin heads now. Which I’m okay with that, because I know that this is a show about a biker gang and all that jazz but they don’t kill kids or give kids guns so I feel as though it would be bullshit if they went down for some shit like that.

tumblr_mu12yrPfI51qb9jcko2_250 tumblr_mu12yrPfI51qb9jcko3_250 tumblr_mu12yrPfI51qb9jcko8_250


Okay lets get this out of the way shall we? I’m 100 percent always will be can’t deny it, a fan of Jax Teller, BUT.. YEAH a BUT here.. I think he is making the wrong choices sometimes and one is NOT bringing shit to the table. I don’t care that he feels he is doing it all for the club, you have other men who sit with you and you should all do it together its what being part of a club is all about. So I hope that Sutter fixes my baby soon before he is voted out as Pres, because Chibs isn’t looking all that happy with Jax these days and I’m afraid he might just tell on his ass.



I’m sorry but I don’t for see this going well for Tara or Wendy and now they roped Unser in or he was already roped in not sure yet. I don’t think Tara is pregnant, I think she lied with the help of the doctor friend of hers. I think she will use it to make sure Jax don’t kill her. Wendy I think will die soon. They both gave up shit to show that Jax was a danger to his own sons because of his lifestyle, they are both trying to take his sons from him, this isn’t going to end well but how it ends I’m not sure yet if it was up to me? I would love to watch Jax off both these bitches now. Sorry Jax and Tara fans!

So a recap.. Bye Bye Otto.. way to go Clay for doing one thing good. Nero and Gemma are love. Happy is a sexy mother fucker, Chibs showed his ass up with the one handed gun hold, Juice speaks! Tig is alive thank you, Jax is shirtless and sexy as HELL but needs to do the right thing, Chucky has a new style Harley, Unser might get his ass kicked again when Jax finds out he helped Tara and Wendy, I’m sure one or both, Tara or Wendy will die this season and now I’m out! Till next week when I’m sure all my thoughts will be blown out by Sutter and his sick mind!

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