More ‘MockingJay’ filming shots



Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth leaned on each other while filming a morose but intimate scene for the third and fourth installments of their Hunger Games saga on Tuesday.

I’m just gonna upload everything I got.. you can enjoy from there!

article-2440535-18714B4A00000578-975_306x595 article-2440535-18714B5200000578-402_306x595 article-2440535-18714B7600000578-395_634x528 article-2440535-187122D800000578-360_306x629 article-2440535-187122E800000578-913_634x700 article-2440535-187139A800000578-913_634x631 article-2440535-1871208E00000578-291_306x667 article-2440535-1871214B00000578-803_306x511 article-2440535-1871385400000578-997_306x667 spl622698-001 spl622698-015 spl622698-025


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