Sons of Anarchy 6×02 PopFanGirls Hen house discussion



Welcome to the first EVER ‘Hen House’ where you get to see first hand what we thought of Episode 6×02 of Sons of Anarchy via Skype Chat… Please be aware we are very opinionated and do not hold our tongue so if you don’t like curse words and opinions.. then don’t read it. 

Venita: I was watching SOA
Tania: me too
Shay: now me too
Shay: and now I feel bad for Clay
Venita: I don’t
Venita: fuck him
Venita: I just don’t want him DEAD lol
Shay: I’m half convinced Jax will get Pope’s guy to hold off for a while
Shay: not as things stand at the moment but Clay has a tendency to make himself more useful alive lol
Tania: that he does lol
Shay: These chicks think Jax is Captain Save-a-Ho
Venita: he is

Tania: (rofl)

Shay: No dead Clay?

Venita: nope
Shay: Dead Tig?
Venita: who knows
Venita: someone did but I bet its not tig
Venita: cause in the promo they are burning a jacket
Venita: burning
Tania: i don’t think they burn jackets for the dead. they keep those. cause jax still has opie’s. i think they burn jackets for members kicked out…
Tania: but i could be wrong
Venita: its on a pine box though so I don’t know
Venita: and no
Venita: wasn’t Opie wearing his?
Venita: Jax cut off his shit
Tania: oh that’s right
Venita: on his dead body
Tania: yeah
Shay: I had a feeling Wendy was playing Gemma…Tara was too sure Gemma wouldn’t fight her on the boys
Venita: I have a funny feeling that tara and wendy are setting them up…….
Tania: so i assume tara and wendy are working together or something
Venita: DUDE!
Shay: yep
Shay: lol

Tania: I don’t think it’s setting up per say. cause tara could’ve easily.
Venita: I also think tara is lying about the baby
Tania: But what would that gain her?
Venita: her life
Shay: this is true
Tania: and that gun will come back to bite gemma in her ass..
Venita: yep
Tania: mr sutter *sigh
Venita: Its why tara is being all nice to Gemma too
Venita: she wont be a rat that much I know but tara is working Jax and Gemma with Wendy’s help

Shay: yep
Tania: idk that just seems so strange because what’s his face offered Tara a deal and protection and she said she wasn’t ratting out Jax. She also said in the last episode to the lawyer she didn’t want Jax to go to jail. So why all the trouble?
Venita: she wont rat out Jax
Venita: she loves him
Venita: but she will do what she has to do for her boys
Tania: Then if she is setting him up i don’t get it
Venita: They aren’t setting them up crime wise
Tania: oh

Venita: they are setting them up boys wise
Shay: She is making sure all her bases are covered as far as the boys are concerned
Tania: true.
Tania: but that’s because she believes she’s going to jail
Tania: i wonder what happens if she don’t..
Venita: Wendy don’t want jax in jail either
Venita: they just want the boys
Tania: and im betting her doctors appointment was a meeting with wendy.
Shay: The lawyer told her specifically that what they were using to establish a culture of violence wouldn’t get Jax in trouble

Venita: its what they call story line B when you write for a TV show.. 😛
Tania: cause she showed up after it with the ‘bruise’
Tania: I know that’s why I was confused when you said the term setting up. i was like huh lol. you just mean to take the boys. not jail. lol
Venita : yeah
Shay: oh lol
Tania: idk.. all of it sucks for me either way because my tara and jax will be ruined 😦
Tania: i get why she’s doing it.. but damn
Shay: idk he yelled a little about her plan to take off before but forgave her

Shay: I almost can’t wait to see how apeshit Toric is gonna go when he doesn’t win
Tania: yep… because this episode prove he’s a fucking nutbag…
Tania: and i told venita i don’t think his sister dying did that. i think he was nuts before that.
Shay: Yep
Shay: I’m thinking an inoperable tumor makes him cuckoo
Tania: i think all his cases he’s won has been won with blood on his hands
Tania: that could be it.. and what’s up with his hands..
Venita: I don’t know

Venita: he creeps me out so I tend to ignore him after I seen his saggy ass
Tania: i thought possibly he had the same thing as clay but
Shay: lol!
Shay: Clay has arthritis

Venita: AND I want Jax with the Hooker
Tania: because we ALL have different opinions and shit
Tania: yuck
Venita: and I have NO clue what her name is!
Shay: God no
Tania: me too shay.. me too…
Venita: They are interesting and maybe not TOGETHER but a side thing
Tania: I think she’s gonna end up being bad for jax just like his last whore….

Venita: I think she is GOOD for Jax
Tania: especially with that cop she’s riding like a motorcycle
Venita: His side whore was just that a whore
Venita: this one is a madam
Venita: 😛
Tania: oh shuh 😛
Shay: I think Jax is a little territorial when it comes to side whores, he saw her with apeface once and ignored her call
Venita: SEE! She can ride a motorcyle already she is in.

Tania: i just feel like he’s established such a deep connection between Jax and Tara just to turn around season before last and blow them up and have him fall in love or whatever with a madam lady 20 years older than him.. but who knows.. maybe they want jax with someone like his mom…. and have whore and jax kill tara.. like they did JT with gemma and clay.. but if that is what he has planned that blows monkey butt..
Tania: but i am use to otp’s blowing up in my face and eating my heart.. so i guess i should expect it..
Tania: 😛
Venita: I don’t think Jax will LOVE her I just want him to screw her
Tania: LOL
Tania: you just want charlie naked. admit it
Shay: Breathe…Jax has cheated before, it’s just an emotional outlet
Venita: Jax IS a cheater
Venita: he has done it since season 1

Shay: Not that I condone it, that’s just the way it works lol
Tania: No I know. I’m just saying there is more bigger problems this time around than last.
Venita: that don’t bother me in the least its his character him NOT cheating would bother me
Tania: LOL
Tania: him not being a whore would bug you!
Venita: YES
Tania: LOL
Venita: he is a whore
Venita: its who he is

Tania: well you think with his whore problems he’d stop.. one of these days he might get a biter and go home with no dick
Venita: Well that would suck
Tania: LOL
Shay: Hasn’t yet, so no lesson learned
Venita: but as long as its Jax who loses the dick and not Charlie all is good with me
Tania: Maybe that’s what madam is about..
Tania: teaching his arss a lesson 😛
Tania: I don’t mind the cheating.. i could’ve cared less about Ima or whatever her name was.. it’s the underlining problems that worries me
Tania: but i will have faith in sutter until he proves otherwise.. im just worried.. blame gh.. they fucked me up! 😛

Shay: You’d be a much happier camper if you stuck to primetime otp’s
Venita: I don’t think Tara and Jax will end up together sorry this isn’t a soap and love in the afternoon its a drama about a bike club and its pres
Tania: but at this point.. tara would probably smack his ass and say go get it stallion..
Venita: its not about jax and tara in my opinion its about Jax and the club
Tania: that doesn’t mean the love story isn’t there venita lol
Venita: I didn’t say it wasn’t but its not supposed to be a happy ending
Tania: jax and tara have been heavy since the beginning of this show.
Tania: and always part of jax’s story imo
Tania: but i get what you’re saying
Shay: As Tara evolves I feel like it’s kinda her story too
Venita: and each season she gets darker and darker and strays farther and farther away from Jax
Tania: i still say jax ends up dead last episode and tara leaves town with the boys.
Tania: very true
Tania: i honestly see the boys not ending up in the same cycle.

Venita: I see the ending showing Abel and Thomas older and in exactly the same circle as the show goes off
Tania: AND another reason I think jax dies is him writing like JT did to him. And the end scene will be one of the boys reading his journal.
Venita: I say reading his journal as they stand up from teh table and are pres
Tania: could be
Tania: that’s what i love so much about sutter. i can never predict his writing lol
Shay: As Captain Optimism…I’d like to think the club goes legit if the boys end up in it OR for them to end up with Wendy and away from it
Tania: that’s a possiblity too
Venita: I think it will end up legit with Abel running it
Tania: Abel will be Jax either way.. they were subtle with showing that by him being dressed ExACTLY like his dad.. even down to white sneakers on tonight’s episode 😛
Shay: They could turn Jax being JT on its ear if he has a crisis of faith if/when Clay pulls a Darth Vader on him
Venita: “Jax I am your father”
Shay: He would sound like him too lol
Tania: LOL
Venita: And I’m sorta to the point where I’m wishing they would either kill juice or let me be juice that bitch aint talked since he told the crack head some shit about it’ll be okay..
Shay: he certainly is a man of few words lately. Maybe it’s part of his penence
Venita: its cause they kicked his ass
Shay: whoever edited the promo did a good job, because I can’t tell whether Tig”s around the next day or not lol
Venita: I KNOW!


Please understand these are the opinions of us at PopFanGirls, these are in no way spoilers and none of us have talked to Kurt Sutter and got any ideas from him.


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