General Hospital Fan Review

So, I’ve sorta been skimpping on my whole “Weekly Soap Review” so I decided just to do GH for the last couple weeks and call it a day.

So, first off, I freaking love Morgan Corinthos. I mean, seriously love him. First male in a long time that actually peeks my interest on GH.

I loved him telling his dad where to shove it. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they used Sonny’s illness as a reason for him to railroad his son. When, to be perfectly honest, he’s wanted to tell Michael the truth since the beginning. He would’ve ran Morgan’s ass over after confiding with his dad had Morgan not used the ‘you don’t love me’ card. Which honestly, I wonder myself.

What kinda father sends their son away for years? Doesn’t call. Doesn’t visit. Doesn’t write? For his ‘protection’, and yet still speaks to his other son?

I see a lot of people say Morgan is jut a whiny baby. Which honestly, it’s not true. He’s just simply stating facts. Morgan has NEVER come above Michael. Ever. He’s always come second to him. Left in boarding school. Ignored. And abandoned by parents at a critical time in his life. So, of course he’s gonna feel this way. And now, when he’s given his father the chance to prove he’s a father he turns around and backstabs him. And since Morgan is like Sonny in a lot of ways. Backstabbing is the ultimate sin in a Corinthos boy’s eyes. So I foresee loadddds of father/son drama coming down the line. And I’m ALL for it!

Gooooo Morgan! Get your daddy and gut him like a fish!

And you know who I wanna see him working with?

You guessed it! Ava Jermoe! I have hated Ava since she came on the scene. Found her just annoying as shit and wanted her gone. But after her love scene with a much younger Morgan.. I found myself shipping these two.. and HARD. I want them to tear, Sonny, Michael and Kiki apart.

Which I suppose it started with Kiki and Michael walking in on Ava and Morgan.

Best line EVER!

As you can see I am NOT a fan of Kiki or Michael. (Use to be a huge fan of Michael, but when you backstab your own brother over a girl you just met.. yeah.. not a fan anymore) Or of Sonny. So I’m down for a little dirty headed their way. Like they deserve.

So, toward the end of John and Sam.. I wasn’t a fan. Was actually glad to see him go and prayed Father Eric from Days made a detour and came and stole Sam’s heart.. but Eric is still in Salem and now ‘Silas’ is in town. And let me tell you. I LOVE their story. It’s a hate to friendship to love kinda thing and it just is really well told. They are taking each beat of Sam moving on nice and slow and it just seems authentic to me.

Their hallway picnic. Super duper cute. And I even adored him watching in on Sam and Danny. I forsee Rafe, Silas, Sam and Danny being a cute little family in the future if Jason/SBu doesn’t return. (Can we just forget Kiki is related to Silas? Please and thank you)

What can I say about Carly and Franco? Well, I loved Todd and Carly. LW and RH have amazing chemistry. And even with a story starting with hate they’ve done wonderfully. They’re most recent scenes have been their best yet and they’ve had some pretty good ones. Again, another story I’m quite enjoying and I’ve never been a huge Carly fan. Go figure.

Sonny and Carly’s scenes when he took his medication was really well written and acted. I hate Sonny. But him and Carly together.. they just are perfection. Laura and Maurice shine together. I don’t get why they’ve never put Carson back together. But it is what it is I suppose..

So, the Maxie, Spinelli, Dante, Lulu and Connie story is just.. blah. I wanna feel for Spixie (which I adore Spixie), but I just can’t. And I can’t feel for Lante either. Why? Because I just can’t get into this version of Dante/Lulu. Lulu doesn’t even seem like the same character to me. She seems like a totally new character strapped to Dante’s side with no real life of her own. And Dante just seems.. stupid. And I never ever took him for stupid. And them writing Maxie as the victim and Lante as the bad guys? I just.. ugh. I’m over this story and I guess this week the secret is told. Can’t happen soon enough. But there’s gonna be a fight for little Connie.. yay.. note my sarcasm there.


Connie.. which by the way.. is the dumbest name for Lante’s baby ever. It holds no meaning for this former Lante fan. How many freaking scenes did Dante even share with his cousin? Like two. Yet you’re gonna name your daughter after her? Whatever.. I’m moving on..

The scenes between Spixie were REALLY good. KS and BA are fantastic actors and they sold that shit. Even if the writing is blah..

And I figure with Connie’s secret being revealed so will Ben’s and Lante will get their baby.. so honestly. It just seems eh to me.

I could give a rat’s ass about Patrick, Carlos and Sabrina. Sabrina and Carlos have more chemistry than I’ve ever seen with Sabrina and Patrick.. but I just wanna get to freaking Robin already! Who’s suppose to be returning this week. So yay!

Where the hell did AJ disappear too? Why isn’t his story front and center since you know he’s in freaking jail for murder! And where is my girl Elizabeth? Why the hell did she disappear too so all these newbies can stand around and just be freaking newbies? And why is NIkolas spending all his damn time with Britt? I’m just over this crap. Can we get back to originals? Tracy, Laura, Elizabeth, AJ, Nikolas (without Britt)? (Not Luke though.. he can die. He’s overused and washed out. Move on.. it ain’t the magical 80’s anymore! I’m such a hypocrite I know..)

And on that note I’ll bid my farewell until next time and tell you to tune into General Hospital every week day on ABC. Check your local listings for times.

Even if I bitch. I love the show.

Peace out! Let me know what you think of GH below!


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