The Vampire Diaries spoilers..



We already know its a 3 month time jump, we don’t get to see the summer but we get to see what the did last summer.. do not continue if you don’t wanna know anything, this is your warning. 



Damon and Elena are on VERY good terms when the season starts, although this Delena fan is sure they will hit a few bumps, lets just hope Damon carries Elena over them as they move on and doesn’t act out. 



Elena and Caroline get a surprise on their first day of college. I say its Tyler, but I could be wrong. It could be blood bags Damon sent the two vampire beauties so they don’t eat classmates, but who knows. 

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A threesome you say? Now normally I would be like Damon is gonna have a threesome, cause well he’s Damon BUT I think with him and Elena together, I’m going with Silas on the threesome. Even if it would settle a lot of ship wars if Julie just gave us all a Stefan, Elena and Damon party all night sex romp. 

After School Special


Jeremy gets in trouble at school.. OH no! Seriously? (Me being sarcastic) We already know this his ass was fighting in the promo and let me tell you him in trouble at school is the least of his worries. His sister is a vampire, he’s dating a ghost, he lives with Damon and he was once dead! I think a fight at school is the least of his worries. 

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Katherine gets tipsy, yeah okay wouldn’t you? I mean shit you were once this great and powerful sexy bitch and now your just a human sexy bitch? I would get to drinking too if I was her. But HEY you wanted Elena’s life now you got it minus the love of Damon and Stefan, which I say is still to be determined on the Stefan front. 



Elena is reminded of her father, which one? The one above? Or the one below? But more so who cares? 





A car crash you say? Well isn’t that creative! Yeah lets move on.. 

Here is the BIG ONE! Two Characters die one of whom played a big part in season 4. I shall tell you my guesses…. 



Dr. Fell, this is who I really think it is because she isn’t needed now and her and Paul are getting divorced. 



April Young, it wouldn’t be too dramatic to kill her off in the first episode but enough for it to make people sad on the show not us though cause we don’t care. (Or I don’t anyway)



And last but not least Diner Boy, Matt Donovan, this would make a huge impact on everyone including myself because as much as you think he is un-needed, or don’t care I can assure you when Damon snapped his neck last season I gasped for air, covered my mouth and tears poured from my eyes. So this one would shock me, piss me off and make me cry. 

Thats all folks its all I got for you, tell me who you think bites the big one. 



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