Sons of Anarchy “Poenitentia” Review



Last night was a wild ride from shooting, to throat slashing, dead hookers and alive ones riding cops but all in all I think I’m pleased..



I said it in episode one that Clay would never rat out Jax or the club, I know everyone thought he would but its not who Clay is. I think everything he said to Gemma last episode and what he said to Jax last night was true to who Clay is. He knows deep down he did this to himself and he’s accepting it and taking it like a man. He just wanted some sort of closure with his son and his wife before he took the big ride to hell on a fire ball. In my opinion he never had any intentions on ever turning them in it was all to by his time with Toric.



See here is the thing some of you are pissed that Jax gave up Tig to save Clay, but I’m not. I’m always Team Jax no matter what he does, however Tig has proven a liability more than once, he is the reason they are in the mess with Pope to begin with, he took it upon himself to run down Pope’s daughter, he again this time took it upon himself to kill someone in a bathtub that was only fit for R Kelly. When all he had to do was go back to Jax and tell him what happened, Jax would have been pissed but at least he was honest about it. Then when asked again by Jax if he set him free he lied so for the good of the club I think Tig should go as much as I love Tig its about the club not Tig.



Okay I’m so trying to not pay attention to Toric cause he is bat ass crazy and I can’t get the image of his sagging ass air fucking a mirror out of my head from episode one, also Sutter if your gonna make me look at him in his undies can you at least end the show with a shot of Jax’s ass to help me recover? Thank you. Its only a matter of time before this one is dead I’m hoping soon because he is a loose cannon really and everything he really has is all fake, from the forged signature to the newly placed hair in Nero’s car. I was laughing when she said you shot me, I mean she didn’t scream she didn’t say that hurts, scream maybe? Just you shot me. Then it was bam one to the head through a hotel pillow now isn’t the maid gonna notice a gun shot in that pillow?



See this didn’t shock me, what she is up to who the fuck knows but here is my run down on my girl Wendy. (yes I am a Wendy fan for sure!) She is working with Tara. You wanna know how I know? (Okay I don’t know but.) She came to Gemma of all people for help FIRST knowing that Gemma would go to Jax for her, using what? A gang rape story, which she knew would make Gemma sensitive to her and help her, but DID she know it would? Did anyone know Gemma was gang raped? Wasn’t it hidden by the car issue? Did it become public record that Gemma was raped and I missed it cause I could have. I think she is working with Tara to get on Gemma’s good side and then getting the boys away from Jax and Gemma and the club. Which explains why Tara is all of the sudden playing friends with Gemma as well these two ain’t got along in two season’s now. Also don’t forget who taught Wendy and Tara all the know…

Now as for the whole baby thing? I think its fake, Tara will use it to get away from Jax and take the boys or she will use it to save her own life when it all comes out. I don’t think that Wendy and Tara want Jax in prison, I think what they are doing is for the boys and to get them away and I will be REAL shocked if it shows Tara and Wendy lovers by the end of the season.. dude HA that just came to me!



Poor Nero, however I’m not sure Toric knows what he is getting himself into her. Nero will never sell out or rat on anyone, so this will be a lost cause especially not Jax or the club because he is in love with Gemma. Nero is an old school OG and this means never rat under any circumstances so Toric should move onto smaller fish.

Also can Juice smile? Speak something? I think he only spoke since episode one, once and that was to the crack head. Bobby is trying to do gambling? Okay.. he’s boring me. I don’t wanna spill to much on my thoughts because we have a new thing here at PopFangirls called ‘Cackling hens’ or ‘The Hen House’ or some shit where you get to see our thoughts on episodes and I think last night’s Sons will be posted later today.. so till then Vfrye out! (My Ryan Seacrest impression!)




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