New Couple alert! Could be, is it?



Our Vampire Diaries queen Nina Dobrev has a new man? I love you Nina, I swear I do but this is NOT an upgrade sweetie, this is a.. oh hell I’m not sure what it is.

So word on the streets is that Nina is dating Derek Hough, I’ll wait for that to sink in for you…………………. need more time? Sure take it……………….. I’m sorry, lord am I sorry for this but dude what the hell are you thinking? Lets hold out both or hands here, Ian on one hand and Derek on another who do you think is falling short here? Lets do a side by side to confirm this…



These are just rumors of course but I don’t like them, Ian and Nina were my babies, the only couple I didn’t complain about like ever! Even though Nina and Ian broke up last May I was holding out hope for a reunion. A source says “[Nina] was hanging a lot with Derek’s sister, Then she fell for him.” I don’t agree with this and I hate when people say a source, I feel like if you wanna talk, tell people’s business at least say who the hell you are. Grow a pair and say ‘yep I said it now what?’

There is also the issue of I believe and always have believed that Derek was gay. Isn’t he?


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