Miley Cyrus “23”



If you can’t say anything else about Miley you have to admit she is pretty as hell.. and the rest of my story might shock you as well. 

I just watched the whole video and I think I like it. She looks amazing! I still really wish she would put her tongue in her mouth but she isn’t listening to me so I will leave it alone. I have to give credit where its due, she wasn’t that bad at rapping. I just think that its weird for me to see Miley Cyrus dancing and rapping in a MikeWillMadeit, , Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J video.



She seems out of place to me, I guess it could just be me. The video starts with some really sexy shots of Miley, by the way. She really did kick ass in the video just I’m having a hard time grasping Miley in this video.







The video is below for you to watch and leave your comments on what you think, also I wonder if Michael Jordan approved of this message?


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