Unconfirmed Spoilers For General Hospital


After talking with Anna and Elizabeth, Patrick removes his wedding ring. 
Ava and Morgan sleep together. 
Brad tells everyone exactly who Connie’s parents really are.
Lante are determined to keep baby Connie.
Robin watches a video of Patrick at the Nurse’s Ball including that Britt is pregnant with his baby.
Emma notices Patrick is sans his wedding ring.
Robert tells Anna their daughter is still alive.
Jerry is the one that has Robin watch the video. 
Carly, Michael and Kiki find Morgan in Ava’s bed. 
Luke sees Helena’s ghost. 
Britt and Ben officially move in with Nikolas. 
Sam and Silas have lunch and he tells her about his childhood. She questions him about Ava but they are interrupted by Danny.
Shawn is jealous after watching Alexis and Derek together.
Michael and Kiki decide to be together.





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