My Week in review..


Its that time ladies and gents for my break down on what happened this week and my oh so lovely thoughts on it all. You hear that? I said lovely thoughts? If they were all lovely you wouldn’t be reading would you? Of course not lets get to business..


So they say that Zac, (Yeah he’s shirtless up there so what?) was in rehab for Alcohol, then they change it to cocaine, well you had to know that he wasn’t there for JUST pouring out a little liquor I mean come on people! However, he did his rehab and came out still fine as hell and I think that he might make it. Zac seems so head strong and always has to me, in this fan girls opinion Zac will be just fine from here on out, please Zac don’t prove me wrong!

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My blonde moment of the week was when I realized that Elsa Pataky was in Fast and the Furious 5 and 6! I KNOW RIGHT! How the hell did I not know this? I tell you how, I may love my Hemsworth boys but I think when it comes to the ladies in their life I shy away because I just don’t feel the need to deal with them.. no offense Elsa, but I would like to say sorry to her cause I really had no clue who she was! I had to IMDB her, I better move on cause I’m really making myself look bad here..


Miley is said to have also moved on from my baby Liam, good for you Miley! I’m proud of you! He’s also a handsome one if I do say so myself. However, I think this rumor is just that a damn rumor. Miley is reportedly dating her music producer Mike WiLL Made it, according to Star magazine. The tabloid published its report last week, even before Miley and Liam were officially over. You see why I say rumor? Star Magazine reported it! So lets move on and wait for some solid proof then I will come in and eat it alive…


Now this is solid proof and I’m all for Liam getting some rebound nookie, so I shall move on now but he only has one year to play the rebound card before I come for him… so hurry up Liam sow your whatever they say about oats because in one year… 😉 (Please people do not take me serious! I’m only playing with Liam here.. I am not seriously going to run after in one year. Now if he lands in my lap in one year all bets are off but settle down people I’m not insane or anything.)


I didn’t do a story on this cause I was scared too, yep I said it scared! See you all know me as ‘Team Liam’ rah rah rah.. but some of you know and some of you don’t know that my first love and first REAL Fan girl experience is Chad Michael Murray and as I have said in previous statements if you guys listened to me! I would drop kick Liam to get to CMM.. so when I heard he broke up with Kenzie I was doing a silent happy dance in my chair, then felt bad cause they have been engaged for like what 7 years! Then I said nah.. and went back to my previous thoughts which was as it always was ‘That whore stole my man’ (I might not have watched One Tree Hill but I know some lines from the show) Anyway, they say they did or some do, however I thought it a while back as I follow them both on instagram but kept mouth shut. So Chad if your bored and have nothing to do one day? Come see me in Florida..

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I will do a private story on this one later on today, I don’t want to get to much going on in here at the moment so stay tuned for that one as I work on it. It will be a fun one for all ages, yeah maybe I’ll give that one an age limit but either way look for it. So in my final words for today. Miley may or may not be banging her producer, Liam is banging some Spanish chick, Chad and Kenzie may be broke up and may not be, I really don’t care either way, but it would be nice if they did, gives me a better chance with him later, Zac could be on drugs more and likely is and I finally know who Chris Hemsworth married! Its been a fun week for me! What was your favorite Celebrity buzz this week? Let us know so we can tell you that you suck or you rock!


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