Liam Hemsworth and.. I can’t even say her name..



This may look like me from the back but I can assure you its not me.. just saying.. 🙂

So everyone is bashing my baby for hitting a rebound, its what we all do we break up we find a rebound play with it for a few days and then we move on. So why is it that Liam is not allowed his own rebound? Oh.. thats right cause all the smilers are ass kissing Miley. Oh lord, shit I said that out loud! (Or typed it either way I ain’t taking it back) Anyway its no surprise that I’m sticking up for Liam here, not whats her name cause I don’t know her, never heard of her till she was smacking lips with my baby, but Liam yes I am sticking up for. You know what I broke up with my boyfriend you bitches weren’t all in my shit, so why are we in his? Because of who he is? Of course!

Well from what I know Liam and Miley never said shit about their relationship so how do we know what happened? Damn.. because she says that Wrecking Ball song was about him, so now think about it kiddies if that song was about Liam, doesn’t that mean they were broke up a long time ago? She didn’t write the song over night, make a video and shit that quick. So there for maybe we all don’t know the real truth behind Liam and Miley, just because the stupid picture was taking a day after we all learned they broke up doesn’t mean that is when they broke up, grow up kids. 

My only concern is that the no name ‘actress’ who no one really ever heard of till now is using my baby. I’m sorry that was mean, I’m sure she has some fans….. now for more pictures that I really don’t wanna look at but I’m sure you nosy asses do. 





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