The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Cast Promo Pictures



Looks like Tyler is back? However we knew that much but how any episode’s till he comes back? Who knows but really who cares, look at the sexy that follows. Oh and should The Vampire Diaries fan’s bitch like the Once Upon A Time fans did on the cast pictures? Nah.. because the cast of The Vampire Diaries is so sexy they can be in any picture and make me swoon. 



The only human left in Mystic Falls.. Poor Matt.



I’m not sure if Jeremy clarifies as human since he was a hunter, he was dead and then came back from the dead.. we can call him the undead of Mystic Falls.



Bonnie our resident witch and now ghost for Jeremy’s eyes only.. how does sex work can they touch? If not sucks to be Jeremy.



Annoying as she is, Mystic Falls would be nothing with out our resident gossip and blabber mouth.



Stefan or Silas? I’m not much of a Stefan fan, unless he’s The Ripper, but something tells me I will be all over Silas.



I really have nothing to say here.. its freaking Damon and he is to admired and looked at speaking is not allowed when Damon or Ian is in view..



Elena? Katherine? Nina? From the way she is looking and her hair, I really only see Katherine here. Although I love Katherine so I’m okay with this picture and Nina of course is beautiful as always.


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