Liam Hemsworth.. a free man?



I didn’t want to report on this you all know this already, I wanted to stay away from the whole Miley and Liam story because of well.. its Liam and I’m really trying to not piss him off, but as one of my Pop Girls already said its a story and I should do it no matter my feelings on the situation so I will do this the best I can and be very professional as I do so.

Miley Cyrus Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth 2013_8


Miley and Liam call it quits after 4 years of being on and off per the press. A rep confirmed with JustJared.. god you guys this is so hard for me. Lord.. have mercy.. We already assumed Wrecking Ball was about Liam even if I don’t agree with the Lyrics of the song being about Liam however. Whatever its her feelings and she is allowed to express them in anyway she wants to I guess even if I don’t agree, just as I’m sure she don’t agree with mine.

Miley unfollowed Liam on twitter as most women do when they break up with a boyfriend, however he didn’t unfollow her but we all know that Liam isn’t much of a tweeter so that is to be expected. Okay I really need to get out of this situaltion now.. so take it as you want to, just know Liam and Miley are over, I’m okay with this and that Just Jared was the one the rep confirmed with so thats all I got cause I can’t go on and be nice here.. Just Jared’s link is below for those that don’t know what Just Jared is.


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