The Fall’s must have haircuts.. or not!



Lets face it ladies you might LIKE the haircut you see on your favorite Celeb but it don’t mean you can pull it off. However, if you wanna try by all means go for it and I will show you whats hot.. and what I think is so not.. 



Emma Watson

This is very cute, I actually love it for someone younger who has the face for it. It has long layers that blend in naturally it works for her. But I caution you once you go bob you might not be able to go back.



Charlize Theron

I would NOT attempt this unless you REALLY know you can pull it off. I mean she is damn near gorgeous and she can do it. If you try and fail you better invest in a wig company cause damn.. just please take caution before you get close to this one, please.



January Jones

I’m not really feeling this one, it seems old fashion to me, (Yeah I know she is older) but I live by the just cause your older don’t mean you gotta show it. I have seen her in better do’s then this one, I guess is my point, however if you are older and want to stay older this is the one for you. Also I’m sure its easier to manage.



Naomi Watts

This one is actually something  would do, maybe a little better that it seems in the picture, but it has the choppy layers making it very easy to style and go. She looks good in it and if you want something thats quick and easy to get up and I would go with this one.



Jessica Alba

This is more my style, actually more of what I’m working with now. Its not easy to deal with but it can be made easy. If you want to spend the house with a flat iron, (or have to) the end result is worth it. If you don’t want to just swoop it to the side, grab a hair clip and pull it up and it still works (I know from experience I have it now) so if you got the long locks and don’t want to let go of them, as I don’t, this is the one for the fall.



Dianna Agron

If your not rocking the long hair, or just wanna shorten it some I recommend this one as well. It seems to be the same situation with Jessica’s you can flat Iron it, shake it up a bit, and still toss the clip in if your feeling lazy.

Which hair style is more you? Which one do you wish was you? Let us know.


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