Justin Bieber out with a new Brunette or an old one?



I have to tell you I don’t know shit about Justin.. I’m just being honest but I caught site of some photo’s and said what the hell and did some digging and here I am.. 

So she isn’t Selena Gomez thats for sure but from what I got she is an old girlfriend from way, way, wayyyyyy back! This makes me laugh cause he is like what 19? There is no such thing as wayyyy back for a 19 year old but whatever, I shall continue, anyway her name is Jacque Rae Pyles they are calling her his long lost love, (again 19 people) she is a cutie if you ask me and maybe she can help tone the boy down some. However, I know the shit he does is dick moves on most days but lets not forget he is a teenage boy and they do dick moves its in their nature, so can we all just let Justin be a teenager? Thanks.. anyway back to my shit.



She is a cutie.


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