This Fall’s 3 biggest Movie Hits.

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Did you know this summer alone  consumers have set a new record by spending an incredible $4.76 billion at the box office, which bought them an estimated 583 million tickets? Its very true but what about the Fall movies set to show their ugly head soon? Which ones should be or are expected to be the biggest hits? (Because lets face it they can’t all be winners right?) 



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  was released on Dec. 14, 2012, and took in a mammoth $1.017 billion worldwide. The studio is pretty much betting on it making a large come back as the first. I for one never seen the movie (sorry) I just didn’t feel the need to sit through its not my cup of tea but from the money it made the first time I’m sure it will come damn close to the original numbers however lets not forget that An Unexpected Journey was more than 70% of that total coming from international markets.



Last March Hunger Games walked into the box office, did a nice head nod and then smacked every other movie on the ass and said take that earning more than $691 million worldwide on a relatively low production budget of just $78 million.

Rumor has it that Catching Fire cost around $150 million to make, or nearly twice as much as the first film. Some have said that Catching Fire could be the biggest film of 2013. I have to agree, not because of my love for my baby Liam Hemsworth or because I’m staff for the Hunger Games website but because I see it with my own eyes. This movie is just another Twilight, they will kill it each time I can assure you and anyone who doesn’t agree should have been at San Diego Comic Con behind the Lionsgate booth as I was and you too would sing a different tune.



Is it November 8th yet? I’m seriously dying to see this one! Oh and yeah its because of our Hemsworth love here at Pop Fangirls. However gotta give credit where its due so let me continue. I’m sure Disney is hoping that Thor will rack in some lovely funds like Iron Man 3 did. I’m sure it will. What I liked about this promo was it wasn’t set in New York, LA, hell Georgia where ever shit is done.. it is mostly in a different world, its not typical as most super hero films are, lets save the world! This is lets save the Nine Realms.

I’m not sure it can top Iron Man 3 on the money side of things as much as I want to say that Chris and Tom can being a fan, I just have to be honest here and not let my love for the actors shine through. Marvel Studios’ first seven films has already exceeded $5 billion worldwide. he first Thor, for its part, was “only” responsible for around $449 million of that total.

Thats all my opinions and that’s all I got for you. If you don’t agree with me say it, I wont bite you, (Maybe a little depending on who you are.. what you look like.. how he smell..) I’m a very nice, giving person, friendly… yeah you guys all fell over in your chairs right now reading didn’t you? Just comment damn it! How is that?


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