Insidious 2 kills the box office



I’m really not suprised that this movie did so well, one I seen the first one it was kick ass and two, it was Friday The 13th ladies and gents. Also according to Fandango Insidious 2 was the top horror pre-seller of the year. 

The budget for this movie was 5 mil, the movie on Friday alone made $20.1M,  (including $1.5M in Thursday’s late shows and Friday’s midnights) it should be the end of today bring in 43M.  It also posted a new record since only 3 live-action movies in the past decade have ever opened over $30M in the traditionally slow month of September. Also added Blumhouse has now become the first production company to have two movies with budgets of $5M or under gross over $30M on opening weekend in the same year.

Should you go see this movie? Of course you should! It’s why I’m writing about it, duh! I however am I huge horror fan, I will sit through the dumbest shit in the world and come out saying damn that was hot! I don’t think I have ever seen a horror film I didn’t like in one way or another, but that’s just me.



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