ABC pulls back OUAT Cast Photo’s



Why? Fan backlash? Why? Hell if I don’t know I don’t watch the show but let me go look into it for you guys.. and I’m back here’s why…

The fans respond was negative I guess on the Cast Promo Pictures. They took to Twitter, FaceBook and Tumblr saying they were poorly photoshopped and looked recycled, most saying they expected more from ABC. They even went as far as to complain that the following picture looks like the cast of lost.



I for one don’t see the problem with the pictures, its a show about Fairy Tale characters right? So the cast being set in front of a blue sky like background seems fitting to me. The one above is alright to me too. I just think some people have nothing better to do then complain, but ABC pulled them and I guess will go back to the drawing board.


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