Who or what is a Janoskians?

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The Janoskians are 5 young boys who from what I have seen took Youtube and a shit load of teenage girls by storm.. and I mean a shit load..

Did you know that they attended a Meet and Greet in Melbourne that had a turn out of over 6000 fans and had to be shut down? All of this from 5 boys who started playing on Youtube. We all know teen girls can be over dramatic trust me on this one, however I scanned their channel and they are funny as shit. Also cute as buttons.. yep I said buttons.

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To this date they have 1,095,274 subscribers and 81,138,520 views on their channel. They also have twitter accounts.

Beau Brooks @BrooksBeau

Luke Brooks @luke_brooks

Jai Brooks @JaiBrooks1

James Y @James_Yammouni

Daniel S @danielsahyounie

They have a main account


Here are a few of their video’s my favorite is Talk Dirty to me.. oh and the banana.. thats funny too. Just check em out you’ll laugh just like I did.

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