Sons of Anarchy kills it with ratings.. no pun intended also my thoughts



Sons of Anarchy started its new season with record ratings last night. I did watch more than once might I add. However, I’m a sucker for Charlie…

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The Kurt Sutter created drama averaged 5.87 million viewers for its premiere, up from 5.37 million for its year-ago premiere and 4.93 for its fourth-season bow in 2011. It was cable’s most-watched program of the night.

I might be a little on the evil side but I do find it funny when people say oh my god it beat ‘America’s got Talent’ by far! Yeah.. and you had doubt in that? Really? Okay.. I shall carry on…



I got home late from work, but I knew it was recording on my DVR and I was wrong one of my rugrats stopped my recording and I had to wait for the replay on FX. So I did so and I didn’t wait patiently I bitched on twitter that I had to wait.



I told my kids that too when I seen one of them stopped my recording so you know and they all ran.. Anyway, when the episode started hearing Jax speaking was like my heart was butter and my shit was being melted for lobster sauce. I was so into it until.. and I tell you until I seen Otto, poor Otto.. and then my comment was “Dudeeeeeeeeeee I can’t believe Kurt did his own ass like that..” Again no pun intended.


Let tell you what I thought when season 5 ended, I thought Jax and, or Gemma set up Tara because she tried to leave with the boys, also making Wendy the guardian. I should warn you all now I am NOT a Jax and Tara fan. I like them well enough but I could lose them and not bat an eyelash so you know. Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted Jax to be the one to set her up to show that no one messes with my kids or tries to take them. However, Jax does have a soft side to him that most don’t know or see and now we all know I was wrong… but whatever.



That ladies and gents.. is my girl Gemma she NEVER fails me. I would watch a show with just her ass, because that is how much I love Gemma. I for one was a little worried in season one when I found out Peggy Bundy was doing  this but now I’m like Peggy who? That’s my Gemma. Also BEST line of the episode goes to Gemma and Nero:

Gemma: “I sucked a few cocks made a few dollars”

Nero: “Good you can buy lunch.”

I should have known Gemma wouldn’t actually rat out Tara just threaten her, Gemma might be a lot of things but she was back in with Jax and her boys, so she wouldn’t risk that for Tara. I also believe that deep down Gemma loves Tara and know that she is good for Jax on some level, even if I can take Tara or leave her its true. Also second best line of evening was also from Gemma..





I know that everyone is bitching about Gemma doing bad things, but everything she has done is for her son, so I can’t bitch about it because its Gemma and if you don’t like her don’t watch her. She protects them all to the fullest even Tara on most days even if I did want her and Jax to set Tara up.



I’m on the fence with this I know Clay said he wants to make a deal, but I really can’t see him doing so. Clay’s whole life has been that club, Gemma and Jax. I just can’t see him doing it, then there is part of me that knows he will because they did it to him. I also have a theory that Clay will work something out with Jax to not do this. I like Clay for the most part even if he is frucked up.



This was the saddest moment for me, I was and always will be an Opie Fan. I was really hoping Kurt would do a Dallas and have Opie standing in the shower in the first scene in Season 6. I was wrong on that note, I think I was happy with the acknowledgement of his name and that Lyla is still important to the club. So bravo Kurt on that one.



Nero.. is so sexy! I also loved the scene because it showed that Jax is in charge, he never pulled a gun everyone around him did as he stood in the middle like he was king shit and he IS! This scene was good for me cause I got to watch Jax kick someone’s ass and Nero. I could have done with out the piss scene.. and watching Tigs’s nutty ass get off on pissing on someone, but all in all good scene.



I don’t want Tig to die. I’m really hoping that Jax figures out a way to get out of this, because Tig adds a value to the show and the club as a whole that I think is needed as a viewer. Plus I just like Kim Coates.



This kid was creepy through the whole episode and then in the end I got why. I would also like to give Kurt a big shout out on not caring and doing what he seen fit for his episode. I seen a lot of backlash for the school shooting and I’m not saying I condone any such thing, but things in the world happen all the time, we can choose to ignore them or face them. It seems unreal to not do something because it happened in real life if that was the case there would be no TV shows on TV at all.



My poor Juice! Although I knew it was coming because I had screen caps of it before it aired, but it still hurt to watch. I also know he had it coming because one good thing about Kurt is he never leaves storylines hanging with out some out come. However, Chibs fixed it at the end and patched him up..



I don’t like the hair, I do like how this scene played out and she stood her ground and said “I’m not a rat” She may get on my nerves for the most part but she showed she loves Jax and she is an old lady ready to ride or die if she needs to. So Tara did get some respect from me last night. She also got it for this..



I bet they don’t take her blanket again!



I really got nothing here.. I mean this episode was full of so much ass.. I don’t know! However knowing the cop is all frucked up on drugs makes it for a very interesting season that’s for sure.  And now speaking of ass..



Okay.. bitch, bitch.. bitch.. this is all I keep hearing because Jax cheated on Tara. Well lets now think of what show we are watching.. Sons of Anarchy.. what IS this show? A biker show.. about a biker club… and a biker club president… so Kurt has done damn good with keeping it real and in my opinion he is still trying, I’m not saying that biker club presidents cheat.. I’m just saying its logical especially one that gets in bed with whore houses.. God I’m on FIRE with my puns!



Sorry, I had to do one more before my closing arguments… What makes me love this show isn’t just I have seen Charlie’s ass so much I could spot it in a line up, its that its realistic. I do not ride a motorcycle… I do not belong to a biker club or even know anyone that does but Kurt doesn’t hold back for what he thinks will get him cursed at or backlash from he does it his way and if you don’t like it? Screw you!




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