Miley.. Miley… Miley..



Well Miley put out her new video today on Vevo.. and I’m sure it will get a shit load of views in like the first hour.. and I’m sure people will attack her and some will praise her and some will tweet her and ask if they can do her.. cause you know thats how twitter works you ask to have sex with people and they say yes..

I watched the video already, twice. I watched because I was trying to figure out why it needed to be over the top. The song spoke for itself, Miley was singing the hell out of that song and you all know I don’t praise her that much, but she did. The whole tears in the beginning was perfect, the wrecking ball, sledge hammer perfect touch. The vocals were even kick ass.. what she didn’t need was this.



That didn’t fit the song period. It just seemed to me like Miley wanted to be over the top for no reason but to be over the top. This wasn’t needed either..



The song was about breaking up and everything about the video was perfection until she got naked and started making out with the hammer. I’m also wonder WHO the song was about? If its about Liam.. I love you Miley.. If it’s about that Jonas boy, you need to move on its been 3 years and you say your marrying someone else so……..  wait  it was a Jonas kid right?


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