Its all in good fun.. “I’m batman”

I found the trend on twitter funny as hell so I decided to grab a few and post them… Enjoy!  0be7789d-5702-4e2b-941f-e6c2a4c96d59_zps7f0dd608




ce73c28f-fe79-4335-bda0-fea835bd8682_zps726b2c98 (1)4ee7dd0a-cab1-4d45-9de5-6b724cd0e543_zpsab303164   What did a few celebs think of this? Here are two men that I would honestly say I would licks thoughts.


and the reason I spit coffee on myself this morning goes too…. 366439c3-bd15-49cd-9db3-97574ff7a0ba_zpsf7fbd11b

Our very on Tania played the twitter game this morning as well.


Although this was one of my favs only because I knew what it meant..

download   8d89b89a-cfcd-4b7b-a01a-e74d080cb220_zps31196a67

and now you can too!

and if all else fails….  there is this guy.


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